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There are some jokes on Rs 800 Nokia phones Vs Iphones trending on the social media. These are very funny. Let's have a look on those funny lines.. 1.No need of spending your entire salary for buying Nokia phone 2.No need of extra maintenance like flip cover, power bank etc 3.No worries ..if Nokia Phone is lost. 4.Iphone cracks if it slips from our hands. Nokia is the best in this aspect. 5.Snake game is the major highlight of the Nokia phone. 6.Iphone sometimes won't work if water falls on it. 7.No virus attacks on Nokia phone. 8.No issues of…
Xiaomi, has unveiled the Redmi Note 4 smartphone. The smartphone is available in two variants 2GB RAM with 16GB inbuilt storage and a 3GB RAM with 64GB storage. The phones are tagged with Rs 9,000 and Rs 12,000 respectively.
Xiaomi, the brand needs no introduction. All the leading brands' market share is sliced by Xiaomi and got the title "Apple of China". An industrialist, Lei Jun started this company on April 6, 2010. Here are some of the interesting things on Xiaomi.
Reliance Jio is thinking of acquiring 10 crores subscribers as early as possible. The company is taking aggressive steps to attract the users. Relaince Jio preview is now open to all the users. Users with Jio 4G sim can enjoy free jio services like unlimited data usage, voice calls, sms etc. Here is the list of all the smartphones which support Reliance Jio 4G sims.
We are depending on internet for many things these days like money transfer, shopping,bill payments etc. With the entry of smartphones, the use of internet has increased many fold. We receive OTP (one time passwords) while doing online transactions.
Mark Zuckersberg, the CEO and founder of social media giant Facebook is in the news for a different reason this time. His Pinterest and Twitter accounts were hacked by a hacker group recently.According to the recent reports,The group of hackers claimed that they have obtained passwords from Mark's LinkedIn 2012 account.
Online shopping has increased by a greater margin in the recent years. This is due to the great cash back offers and other discounts offered by the respective companies.Customers are buying even gadgets and other high end mobile devices online.
Indian smartphone users encouraged Moto Series. The most important and which gained more popularity are Moto E and Moto G series smartphones. These phones gave enough space in Indian market to Motorola.Moto G4 Plus series created a buzz in the smartphones market.Let's have a close look at it's price and other technical aspects.
Social media giant Facebook is updating it's features regularly to satisfy it's users. It stood in the leading position with it's strong user-base spread over in many developed and under developed countries all over the world.But recent news is that Mark Zuckersberg, one of the founders of Facebook was little bit tensed when Google plus was launched by the Google team.
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