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Thursday, 08 September 2016 00:00

Criticism will not amount to Sedition: Supreme court

supremecourt supremecourt
Politics is a creative game. All the political leaders should act wisely to earn a good name in the public. We should take the criticism in a sportive spirit. The latest news is on Tamilnadu Chief Minister Jaya Lalitha.

She will be in the news very often with her arrogant behaviour and decisions. She never listens and proceeds with her own decisions. Supreme Court reacted high on her defamation cases against the leaders of the other parties. She troubles those, who criticize her party in the public. Getting criticized is very common in the politics. We should react in a good way to them, as said by Supreme court in response to her defamation case against a leader.

The highest court also reminds that criticism is entirely different from sedition. Sedition case should not be levied on any person without knowing the facts. The regulations regarding this is clearly mentioned in the constitution. Send the judgement copy to all the State DGP's , further added by Supreme court. Hope this judgement teaches our political leaders, a lesson. 

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