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Friday, 19 August 2016 00:00

Tips to keep your Vehicle running Featured

Having a own vehicle is the need of the hour. There are about 4.5 crores of vehicles including all categories in the country. Only few among them are running with gas and all the other vehicles are opting for fuels like Petrol and Diesel.

Petrol Bunks are cheating the customers by arranging a special chip in the reading meter. Degrading the quality of fuels is another issue. Vehicles' life is shortened with the use of impure petrol. You can identify the impure fuels at the petrol bunks by following these steps.

1.Petrol Filter Test Paper: If you get a doubt on the quality of petrol, use a petrol filter paper. Drop few drops of petrol on that filter paper. If you observe any mark on that paper, then the petrol is impure. All the petrol bunks will have that filter test paper.Inform to Civil supply officers, if you find any petrol bunk selling impure petrol.

2.Quality of fuel can be checked: All the petrol bunks are provided with density hydrometers, petrol filter test papers, density testing devices and other devices with which you can check the quality of fuel at the petrol bunks. If you find any irregularities in the readings, inform to civil supply officers. You can also file a case in the consumer forums. 

3.Density Hydrometers: You can check the density of Diesel and Petrol with the help of density hydrometers. Petrol's density should be  0.700-0.750 and diesel's density should be between 0.800-0.805. 

Few things to check at petrol bunks

1.Check the readings well

2.The reading should be zero before fueling your vehicle

3.Use a filter test paper if needed

4.Use a 5 litre funnel, if you get a doubt on the reading meter.

5.Take the help of density hydrometer, to test the purity of fuel.

6.Inform to civil supply officers, if you find any irregularity in any petrol bunk.

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