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Friday, 19 August 2016 00:00

Taking mineral water daily? Check this article once

This summer was hotter than ever. In the recent times, enough rains cooled the atmosphere. But water scarcity still remains. We are rushing to nearby shops to bring mineral water bottles. But shocking news is that, the mineral water is not pure.

Even the water bottles from the branded companies like Kinley, Bisleri also contains some impurities in them. Food Safety and Standard Authority of India announced these shocking facts. Most of the mineral water manufacturing companies do not have licenses. Interesting thing is,even the leading companies like Kinley, Bisleri are also in the list of non-licensed companies. According to the concerned department,not even a single company is maintaining the standards in manufacturing mineral water.

Now the department is very busy in making a list of the manufacturing units which do not have licenses across the country.Experts are suggesting to use the water purifiers rather depending on the mineral water bottles. There are many water purifiers in the market at affordable rates. This proves that pure water is really a joke in our country.

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