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Politics is a creative game. All the political leaders should act wisely to earn a good name in the public. We should take the criticism in a sportive spirit. The latest news is on Tamilnadu Chief Minister Jaya Lalitha.
 Netaji Subash Chandra Bose's death mystery is a question mark to all of us. We hear some or the other news on Netaji's death very often. But some important documents were revealed by Japan Govt .
Zodiac sign and date of birth are the key factors for determining future of an individual, according to jyotish shastra. But a recent survey revealed some interesting things on personality and birth month relation.
Alexander was the greatest ruler in the past. He once invaded India. He faced tough fight from Indian ruler Porus. According to the latest information by historians, Alexander consulted his master Aristotle before invading India.
In this competitive world, getting a job is very tough. Thousands of graduates and post graduates are entering the market every year.Very few among them are getting jobs. Many scam companies are targeting the unemployed youth with Back door offers and other means.
Having a own vehicle is the need of the hour. There are about 4.5 crores of vehicles including all categories in the country. Only few among them are running with gas and all the other vehicles are opting for fuels like Petrol and Diesel.
This summer was hotter than ever. In the recent times, enough rains cooled the atmosphere. But water scarcity still remains. We are rushing to nearby shops to bring mineral water bottles. But shocking news is that, the mineral water is not pure.
Trust and Doubt  Trust is a vital part of any relationship. Furthermore, for a marriage, Trust is the primary most things required to make it a successful one. In the event that you have an uncertainty over your accomplice, then you are clearly not prepared for a marriage.