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Thursday, 22 September 2016 00:00

Shiv sena slammed Modi in Saamna paper: BJP vs Shiv Sena Featured

bjp vs shivasena bjp vs shivasena
Shiv Sena party supported BJP in the elections. But the party is with drawing it's hand,even if something goes wrong. Shiv Sena party is known for their fierce comments on the other parties.

Now it is targeting PM Narendra Modi. The party slammed Modi government in their Saamna paper. BJP and other allied parties celebrated on the completion of their two years rule. But Shiv Sena sarcastically commented on BJP and the Modi's stand on various issues. Congress ruling was much better than the present Modi's government. That was why, the terrorists are going on with their activities on a swift note. Pakistan flags are being hosted in some parts of Kashmir in the recent times.

The government failed to investigate the Pathankot attack and it resulted in the present Uri attack.Modi's government failed to represent the Pakistan's stand over India on the International platforms, some statements in Saamna newspaper. The party also criticized Modi's visit to Pakistan recently. All the political analysts are eagerly waiting for BJP's counter over Shiv sena's comments. 

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