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Friday, 19 August 2016 00:00

This man lost 12 kgs with Pokemon Go Featured

Great news to all the Pokemon Go lovers. This game helped a man to get fit. There is no introduction needed for Pokemon Go. It is one of the trending games in the recent times. Sam Clark, a great lover of Pokemon Go collected all 142 different species in Britain.

This is a great achievement by Sam, as this is not an easy task. He walked 225 kilometers to mark this great feat and lost 12 kgs of weight in this process. Sam caught all 1390 Pokemon Pocket monsters and he ended his hunt after collecting Lapras in London.Sam is very happy as he could wear his old jeans comfortably now. Sam's wife Hayley is happy with his weight loss with out doing any heavy workouts. She doesn't like Sam sticking to the phone all the time. Now he is a celebrity in London.

Sam is organizing Pokemon Go meetups and helping other players with his tips and tricks. Pokemon Go is in the news for wrong reasons, in the recent times. But the game helped a man to lose his weight. One has to explore the positive angle of the technology to get it's benefits.

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