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Wednesday, 10 August 2016 00:00

Araku coffee joined hands with Nestle Brand Featured

  This is a great news to all the coffee lovers. All the coffee lovers love to taste the Araku flavour. Now the taste of Araku coffee reached Nestle, one of the biggest International brands. Nestle is planning to brand the Araku coffee in many countries. Nestle is setting up a new plant for this with 200 crores.

 The initial research made by Nestle revealed some interesting things. According to nestle, Araku brand is going to be the most loved flavor of coffee in the country. In the coming days, it is taking Araku taste to America, Europe and other countries.Firstly, Nestle is trying to make local branding in the country. It is going to focus on the metro cities like Delhi in the first stage. Nestle also made a project report on branding Araku coffee at the international level.

At present, Araku is producing 7-10 thousand tonnes of coffee. Tamilnadu and Karnataka are ruling the coffee industry from many years. Now Araku is going to join the league. Andhra Pradesh government is very happy with the Nestle company's initiative. In the coming days, Araku coffee flavor is going to surprise the coffee lovers.  

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