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Tuesday, 06 September 2016 00:00

OYO Rooms started it's Relationship Mode service for unmarried couples

OYO rooms started relationship OYO rooms started relationship
Travelling out of station and stay for an unmarried couple was a tough task earlier. Especially,in the case of a hotel room, it was a hard one. In our country, an unmarried couple staying in a room is against the moral policy of hotels. Hotels ask for many proofs to allot a room for the unmarried couple.

They ask for mangalsutra, ID proofs and other things. The other thing is that pre-marital sex is looked in contrast. As a result, unmarried couples wishing a room is looked upon in a suspicious manner. OYO Rooms launched their new service, Relationship mode in which one can see the listed hotels that welcome unmarried couples with local IDs without any hassles.OYO Rooms' Relationship mode is working on to remove the tag "No hotel room for unmarried couple".Kavikrut, Chief Growth Officer said that they brought Relationship Mode as many customers faced problems in the last minute due to the hotel policies earlier. There is no law in our country that won't allow unmarried guests staying in a hotel, adds Kavikrut. However, some hotels are not showing any interest in joining this program.

The couple friendly Relationship mode is available in more than 100 cities in India covering all the metros and other top level destinations. OYO,at present offers 70,000 rooms spread over 200 cities. We have seen a similar policy in the case of Stay Uncle earlier. The companies may have deal with the moral policing from the officials and other locals who treat holding hands in the public places as against the Indian culture.

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